Everything happens for a reason

It's just that sometimes you don't see it right away.


Look, if you want to go explain to twenty sets of parents why you think that your right to own a weapon is more important than the life of their beautiful kid whom they will never see again, never hold in their arms, never hang their report cards up on the fridge, never see graduate, never send off to college, never watch them walk down the aisle, never see them even smile one more time…. I mean, you go right ahead. But as for me, I CANNOT for the life of me see any justification in lax gun laws or avoiding a rethinking of gun control. 

The Constitution was not made to be inflexible. It was not made to be interpreted at face value for the next however many centuries that America is in existence. The conditions in which the founding fathers wrote this document are completely different from the ones we live in today, and as a country we should realize by now that the things they wrote are not always right. Women had to fight for their right to vote. Slavery had to be abolished. 

There is a condition written into the Constitution itself that allows for changes: 

 ”The Congress, whenever two-thirds of both Houses [the House and the Senate] shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution …” 

The founding fathers knew there would come a time when their words would no longer be enough. It’s just plain stupid if here, in 2012, we think that the Constitution should not be re-examined again. Progress does not end. Even after all those amendments, the Constitution is not perfect. Especially after all those amendments, we should know that the Constitution is not perfect.

There MUST be a change. There are literally lives at stake. This conversation is way past overdue, and I don’t want it to wait until it is someone I love (or me) who is at the wrong end of a gun that fell - was handed - to the wrong person. 

America, get your shit together. 

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